Health chapter 2

Chapter 2: Health 
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Chapter 2: Health 

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DO you have a healthy lifestyle?
Sometimes yes

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Is it difficult to stay healthy? why?

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Is your favourite meal healthy?
Yes, it is.
No, it is not.
I don't know.

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Which one would you choose to eat?

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In The US 
Insurance is not mandatory. 
The United States does not have a health system — it has multiple systems. 
If you are over 65, you are covered by Medicare, a federally funded, quite generous insurance-based system.
If you are poor, the partly federally funded but not fully. 
There are many private insurances and hospitals. 

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Health System in the UK
 All English residents are automatically entitled to free public health care through the National Health Service. 

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Which country's health system is the best?

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 It Didn't Hurt!  

In 2008, Alex Lenkei had a problem with the bone in his arm and he needed a serious operation. Normally, with an operation like that, the doctor gives the patient an anaesthetic so that he or she doesn’t feel any pain. But Lenkei refused the anaesthetic. Instead, he hypnotised himself and simply told himself that he could not feel any pain. That took about thirty seconds. Then the operation started. According to Mr Lenkei, pain signals do not reach his brain when he is hypnotised.

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1 Lenkei took about half an hour to hypnotise himself.

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The doctor, David Llewellyn-Clerk, was a bit worried. He had to take some bone from Lenkei’s arm. He watched Lenkei carefully during the operation, as he wasn’t sure that Lenkei could feel no pain. ‘I didn’t think Mr Lenkei could hear us,’ said Dr Llewellyn-Clerk, ‘but half way through the operation, he said “How’s it going?”’ That’s when the doctor realised that Lenkei was not in pain. The operation lasted 83 minutes.

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Lenkei didn’t speak during the operation.

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Mr Lenkei started hypnotising people when he was sixteen and is now an expert. It wasn’t his first operation without anaesthetic. In 1996, a friend hypnotised him before a thirty-minute operation on his stomach. Both operations were successful, so Lenkei had a third operation without anaesthetic in 2013.

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All the operations were successful.

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Next lesson! 
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