Past simple and past perfect

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Road map
In this class we will 
  • look at the past simple and the past perfect.

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Lesson goal
At the end of this class you can:
  • apply  the past simple and the past perfect correctly to sentences that provide a clear context and/or signal words. 

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Past simple & past perfect

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Gebeurtenis die helemaal in het verleden ligt zonder link naar nu. 
Gebeurtenis in het verleden die plaatsvindt voor een andere gebeurtenis in het verleden
Gebeurtenis in het verleden die een link heeft met nu.
Gebeurtenis in het verleden die een tijdje aan de gang was. 
Past continuous 
Present perfect 
Past simple 
Past perfect 

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has/have + voltooid deeltwoord (stam +ed/ irregular verbs 3e rij)
was/were + ing-vorm 
had + voltooid deelwoord (stam +ed/ irregular verbs 3e rij)
stam + ed / irregular verbs rij 2
Past continuous 
Present perfect 
Past simple 
Past perfect 

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Past simple: een actie in het verleden met geen link naar het heden.  

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Hoe? Stam + ed/ 2e rijtje irregular verbs.
Yesterday, they walked to school/ she went to the park.

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Past perfect: een actie die in het verleden plaatsvond vóór een andere actie in het verleden.  

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Hoe? Had + stam+ ed/ had + 3e rijtje irregular verbs. 
John had travelled all around the globe/ had paid all his bills.

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Wanneer er twee acties in het verleden plaatsvinden, gebruik je voor de actie die het verst in het verleden ligt de past perfect.

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Some examples:
  • When we entered the cinema, the movie had already started.

  • James apologised for the trouble he had caused

  • Before they arrived in London they had visited Paris and Amsterdam.

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Choose the correct forms:
After the family ...... [to have] breakfast, they .... [to go] to the zoo.
have, had gone
hadded, did gone
had had, went
had, had gone

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When Jenny ..... [to call] I ...........[just, to finish] my breakfast
had called, had just finished
called, had just finished
called, just finished
had called, just finished

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When Serina ..... [to read] all the birthday cards, she ......[to make] a short thank-you speech.
readed, had made
read, maked
had read, had med
had read, made

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When the police ..... [to arrive], the thief .....[already, to escape].
arrived, already escaped
had arrived, already escaped
had arrived, had already escaped
arrived, had already escaped

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Jill ..... [to meet] Ryan before you ...... [to introduce] them at the party last night.
meet, introduced
had met, introduce
met, had introduced
had met, introduced

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Do you feel confident that you can apply the past simple and the past perfect correctly to sentences with a clear context and/or signal words?

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State one thing that you liked about this class
and one thing that could be improved.

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Some more practice!

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