3.1 Migration to the Netherlands

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Today: Start Chapter 3 Migration
Next week: recap Chapter 4 Dutch Landscapes

Test is on Wednesday 20th of april

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3.1 Migration to the Netherlands

Learning goals:

The biggest groups of immigrants in the Netherlands
and why they came here.

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Which answer is correct?
Immigrants are people who are coming to the Netherlands
Emigrants are people who are coming tot the Netherlands

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  • The Netherlands is a popular land country for immigrants.
  • More immigrants, than emigrants. 
  • It originates from the time after World War II.

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Why do people want to migrate to the Netherlands?

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Guest workers from the Mediterranean
  • From 1960 the Dutch economy grew fast.
  • The government decided to attract foreign people.
  • Spain, Italy and Portugal.
  • Later on Morocco and Turkey. 

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Guest workers from the Mediterranean
Guest workers = People who move to a country to work temporarily.
Return Migration = Migrant workers who return to their home country after a period of time.

                Many workers from Morocco and Turkey stayed in the Netherlands.

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Migrants from former colonies
  • Most important: Surinam, Indonesia and Dutch Antilles (most of it).
  • The countries became independent: Indonesia 1945, Surinam 1975, Dutch Antilles 1986
  • Many of them spoke Dutch and were afraid that they wouldn't become independent.

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Seasonal workers
  • Mostly from Eastern Europa (Poland and Bulgaria)
  • In 2004 and 2007 many countries became part of the EU.
  • Higher wages in west Europa. 

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Seasonal workers
Circular migration = People migrating between home country and another country, for work.
Seasonal migration = Circular migration, but for a specific part of the season. 

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What do you think the last group of immigrants is?

Slide 13 - Open question

Refugee = Somebody who flees from danger (mostly war).

  • They are staying in special centres.
  • If their home country is safe, they have to go back.
  • If it is still unsafe, they can stay temporary or permanent.

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  • From 2014 - 2017 many regufees from Syria and Afghanistan.
  • Now many refugees from Ukraine:
    over 4 million.
  • Plans to accommodate
    50.000 people in the Netherlands.

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Do you have a relative who is from another country and which country?

Slide 16 - Mind map

former colonies
guest workers

Slide 17 - Drag question

Four distinct groups of immigrants
1. Guest workers from Morocco and Turkey
2. Colonies
3. Circular and seasonal migrants
4. Refugees

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Visit the following website: https://forebears.io/surnames

  • In which country is your name the most common?
  • Did you already now?
  • Discuss the outcome with your neighbour.

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To do:
Exercises from your workbook: 3.1 Migration to the Netherlands.
Make exercises: 2, 4, 5, 6 
(7, 8, 9 if you are finished)

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