Week 7 3.1 Climates around the world

§ 3.1: climates around the world

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§ 3.1: climates around the world

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Learning targets
-You know which climates there are on Earth.

-You understand what influence the latitude has on climates.

-You can explain why vegetation differs between climates.

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What is 'weather'?

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What is climate?

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Which 3 elements make up weather?
Wind, Sun, Snow
Precipitation, Wind, Temperature
Temperature, Rain, Wind
Wind, Sun, Precipitation

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The condition of the atmosphere at a specific time and at a specific place. 
The average weather measured over a period of thirty years. 

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climates on earth

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Terms we are going to use
Precipitation = rain/snow/drizzle

Equator = line that divides the earth in
the Northern hemisphere and

Latitude = the distance from the equator

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Tropical rainforest
- Always above 18 degrees
- Lots of precipitation (=rain) (average 2000 mm a year)
- Close to the equator (low latitude)
- There are no seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
- Lots of vegetation (plantgrowth)

Veel plantengroei, dit komt door de hoeveelheid neerslag die er valt.

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Savanna climate
- Dry and wet season 
- Less precipitation (rain-saison):  1000-1500mm per jaar
- Vegetation: grasses and some trees 
- Wildlife: Zebras, Lions etc
- Low latitude
Veel dieren, omdat het er genoeg geregend en de temperatuur altijd hoog is.

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Steppe climate
- Vegetation: some grasses or bushes, no trees
- little precipitation: 200-500mm a year
- Low latitude
Climate with high temperatures and little precipitation that
limits vegetation to grass. 

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Desert Climate
- Little precipitation (less than 200mm a year) 
- Almost no vegetation
- Low latitude

Climate with usually high temperatures and nearly no

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Savanna climate
Steppe climate
Tropical climate
Desert climate

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Low latitude
low latitude
high latitude
high latitude

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Temperate sea climate 
- Average because it is not too cold or warm, not too dry or wet. 
- this is due to the sea

- High latitude

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Continental climate
  • Warm summers, cold winters
  • Example: Russia
  • High latitude

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Tundra climate

  • It is always cold here, trees can no longer grow
  • High latitude

Het is hier erg koud, waardoor er geen bomen groeien.

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Why does the continental climate only exist on the northern hemisphere?

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Polar climate 
  • Can be found where it is close to freezing point all year around
  • at high latitude 
  • or in high mountain ranges

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Temperate sea climate
Polar climate
Continental climate
Tundra climate

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Savanna climate
Tundra climate
Tropical climate
Continental climate

Desert climate
Steppe climate
Polar climate

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How much did you understand of all of the explanation today?

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What do you think of the subject "climate"?

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