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Welcome class HAVO 4
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Welcome class HAVO 4

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Lesson goals:
- Vocab: SO
- Recap: news categories
- Understanding how to deal with the news
- Learning about different news sources
- To trust the news or not to trust the news: 
that's the question....

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Recap: what is a headline?
a: a head of a newspaper story or article usually printed in large letter type and giving the gist of the story or article that follows
b. headlines, plural: front-page news
"The scandal made headlines."

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Recap: news categories?
- International news
- National news
- Local news

--> it's mainly about who views it
A Dutch person watches the NOS in Spain: national news

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How to deal with the news:
- Is all news reliable?
- What's a reliable news source? 
- What influences reporting the news?

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Is all news reliable?

Slide 8 - Open question

What's a reliable news source?

Slide 9 - Open question

What influences reporting the news?

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News Literacy is:
In this course news literacy is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills in order to judge the reliability and credibility of information, whether it comes via print, television or the Internet. 
This is a particularly important skill in the Digital Age, as everyone struggles to deal with information overload and the difficulty in determining the authenticity of reports.

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example of
online news source?

Slide 12 - Mind map

Examples of online news sources:

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To do:
  • Compare the opening pages of CNN and FOX.
  • Find three differences in the news provided that you think are important.
  • Why do you think the two companies present the News differently?
(5 mins)


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Three differences:
(1, 2, 3 ....)

Slide 15 - Open question

Which book are you
reading right now?
Read for 20 mins.

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Assignment 1:
  • Each lesson someone provides a news item.
  • You do not have to present it, just provide it.
  • The class reacts to the news.
  • Time: 10 minutes.

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Groups of 4:
week 9: Zahia - Jaouad - Mohammad E - Mohamed E
week 10: Delfina - Muhammed G - Melisa - Seval
week 11: Zeinab - Steven - Saranke - Dila - Diogo
Week 12: Karolina - Nour - Diego - Axcel - Gulsennur
--> find a news item with your group 
--> make sure to hand it in, in lesson 1 of 'your' week.

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News item of the week:
  1. What kind of news is it?
  2. For what kind of people is this news?
  3. It is relevant/irrelevant because ……..
  4. I would rate this news with a : ………….
  5. Three words from this item to remember are:
--> first 2 minutes

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Slide 20 - Video

What kind of news is it?

Slide 21 - Open question

For whom is this news?

Slide 22 - Open question

It is relevant/irrelevant because:

Slide 23 - Open question

How do you rate this news (1-10)?

Slide 24 - Open question

Three words from this item to remember are:

Slide 25 - Open question

Do you trust the news?
I always trust the news
I usually trust the news
I sometimes trust the news
I never trust the news

Slide 26 - Poll

how do you check whether
your news is reliable
or not?

Slide 27 - Mind map

How do you find out whether your news is reliable or not?

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In your own words: What's verification?

Slide 30 - Open question

the act of verifying something 
(= proving or checking that it exists, or is true or correct):

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In your own words: What's indepencende?

Slide 32 - Open question

not subject to control by others

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In your own words: what's accountability?

Slide 34 - Open question

the fact of being responsible for what you do and able to give a satisfactory reason for it

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  • https://www.facebook.com/pluginVNN/
  • Fact Checker: President Trump made 19,127 false or misleading claims in 1,226 days
  • https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/factcheck/fact-checker-president-trump-made-19127-false-or-misleading-claims-in-1226-days/ar-BB14RCpH  

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Can a news company really be independent, do you think?

Slide 37 - Open question

Slide 38 - Link

Who is responsible for your news?
mainstream media
fringe media
anonymous sources
all of them

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Assignment 2
  • Everyone brings a news item: either on your laptop or on paper.
  • In groups of 3/4 you tell about your news item.
  • What category/subcategory does your news belong to?
  • Who would be interested in this news item?
  • Interesting 1/5 for other group members? Motivate your answer.

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Vocabulary check
Follow Up 40, 41
Stepping Stones B

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Next week:
What is a good News report/article?

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See you next time

Check Magister for homework

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