Can- be able to

Het verschil tussen deze twee zinnen: I am able to play football / I can play football.
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Slide 1: Mind map
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Het verschil tussen deze twee zinnen: I am able to play football / I can play football.

Slide 1 - Mind map

can betekent dus...

Slide 2 - Open question

To be able to betekent dus......

Slide 3 - Open question

to be able to + hele ww

Let op! je moet 'to be' vervoegen:

I am able to play football.

He is able to play football.

They are able to play football.

Slide 4 - Slide

to be able to + hele ww in de VT

Als je wilt zeggen dat je ergens toe in staat was.

I was able to play football. (but not anymore because I broke my leg)

My mother  and father were able to read small letters. (but not anymore because they need glasses)

Slide 5 - Slide

They ....cycle to school because it is not far.
are able to

Slide 6 - Quiz

We .....swim really fast.
are able to

Slide 7 - Quiz

Susie ... play the piano very well.
is able to

Slide 8 - Quiz

I ..... go to the party tonight, because I don't have any homework.
am able to

Slide 9 - Quiz

Past Simple
Bevestigende Zinnen

WW + -ed

They played tennis yesterday.

I visited my parents last week.

Irregular Verbs (tweede rij)

They saw a film yesterday.

I had breakfast this morning.

Ontkennende Zinnen

Alle zinnen, het maakt dus niet meer uit of het een regelmatig of onregelmatig ww is.

didn't + hele ww

I didn't visit my parents last week.

They didn't play football yesterday.

I didn't have breakfast this morning.

They didn't see the film yesterday.

Vragende zinnen

Questions: Did + hele ww

Did they play football yesterday?

Did you visit your parents last week?

Did they see a film yesterday?

Did you have breakfast this morning?

Slide 10 - Slide

Sarah ...(see) James the other night.

Slide 11 - Open question to the cinema last week?

Slide 12 - Open question

No, I .....(not go) to the cinema last week.

Slide 13 - Open question

Slide 14 - Link

Slide 15 - Link