Writing assignment English stones theme 4

Writing assignment
Stones theme 4
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Writing assignment
Stones theme 4

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Ik kan voorspellingen doen over de toekomt. 

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What will your life look like in 2025?
Type one sentence about your future.

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Writing assignment
Write a short story where you explain how your life will change in 5 years. What will be your profession? Where will you live? What has changed in the world during these years?

Answer these three questions + one additional prediction.
Time: 10 minutes

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Don’t give a summary, but create your own story.

Tip: use phrases from stone 11 - theme 4

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After you have finished, swap notebooks and check each other’s work.
Give each other's work:
- two tips
- two compliments.

5 minutes.

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Correct your story.

5 minutes

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Share your compliment with us!

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Share one of your tips with us!

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Ik kan voorspelllingen doen over de toekomst

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