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Good Afternoon
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Good Afternoon

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What are your first thoughts after reading the opening chapters?

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Andrew 'Ender' Wiggins
IB Learner Profile Focus

While reading the novel and throughout the unit I want you to work on this Activity, completing 'Ender's' profile.

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Plague 99
A friendly warning about the following activity. We will be reading an extract from a novel written in 1989 about a plague hitting London in 1999 and wiping out almost the entire population. Reading this text felt really bizar considering the times we are living in right now.

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Plague 99

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The disease results in a painless death.

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Are people helpful during the outbreak of the disease?

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What do you learn about the disease throughout the extract?

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Does this story classify as Sci-Fi?

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We have a fictitious world; that is the first step: it is a society that does not in fact exist, but is predicated on our known society; that is, our known society acts as a jumping-off point for it; the society advances out of our own in some way, perhaps orthogonally, as with the alternate world story or novel. It is our world dislocated by some kind of mental effort on the part of the author, our world transformed into that which it is not or not yet. This world must differ from the given in at least one way, and this one way must be sufficient to give rise to events that could not occur in our society—or in any known society present or past. There must be a coherent idea involved in this dislocation; that is, the dislocation must be a conceptual one, not merely a trivial or bizarre one—this is the essence of science fiction, the conceptual dislocation within the society so that as a result a new society is generated in the author's mind, transferred to paper, and from paper it occurs as a convulsive shock in the reader's mind, the shock of dysrecognition. He knows that it is not his actual world that he is reading about."

Philip K. Dick (1981)

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What is the effect of the use of the letter?

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What dystopian elements did you come across?

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Read on

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Living in a bowl

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How is Ender confined physically?

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How is Ender confined metaphorically?

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How is Ender confined virtually?

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How can writers use science fiction to critique societies in which they live?

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In pairs please work on the following activity in order to better understand the context in which this novel was written.

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Andrew 'Ender' Wiggins
IB Learner Profile Focus

Please update your file on Ender and use those questions to see how the Learner Profile attributes are present within him.

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Soldier boys - Lost Childhood
Work on this activity

For part 2 watch this video

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