5.1 Where do we live?

5.1 Where do we live?
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5.1 Where do we live?

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After studying this section you are able to:
  • Describe how people are distributed over the world.
  • Explain why certain places are more populated than others.

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Where do most people live?

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How many people are there in the world today?

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In the Netherlands 17,000,000 people live on a surface area of 41,500 km2. Calculate the population density and show your calculation!

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Sparsely populated area
Densely populated area

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Densely populated areas are growing for economic reasons.
  • In LEDCs people move from the countryside to the cities to find work.
  • Cities are often situated in coastal regions for trade.

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  • What does the map say about population density?
  • What does it say about population distribution?

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What are reasons for people
to live in a certain place?

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What are reasons for people
NOT to live in a certain place?

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Look at the planner in Teams for the homework!

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