Adverbs and adjectives

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Is this sentence correct:
"She sings beautiful".

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Is this sentence correct:
"She has done the job good."

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Which one is correct?
They played real bad.
They played really bad.
They played really badly.
They played real badly.

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Adjectives and Adverbs
or not ...  

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This lesson is about 'adjectives' (= bijvoeglijke naamwoorden) & 'adverbs' (= bijwoorden).
While practicing, you can follow the following steps:
  1. First, you read the explanation on the slides and then answer the questions.
  2. You also watch the grammar video for extra understanding.
  3. You use your notes during answering the questions and practicing online.

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  • Please get your notebooks and pens to take notes of the following explanation. 
  • You are allowed to write in Dutch as it will make it easier for you to understand the matter of ADJECTIVES and ADVERBS.

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  • If you do not feel that you understand everything yet, you can watch the video on the next slide. 
  • If you believe you DO understand the matter, skip the video and go straight to the exercises.

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    She smiled [brave] at the [friendly] dentist.

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    I trusted him [complete] because he looked [reliable].

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    These shoes are [terrible][expensive].

    Slide 18 - Open question

    She was [expensive] dressed.

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    And they lived [happy] ever after.

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    Grant drove [extreme][fast], yet we missed our plane

    Slide 21 - Open question

    It's [awful][nice] of you to write me [friendly].

    Slide 22 - Open question

    They played[extreme] [bad].

    Slide 23 - Open question

    Around Christmas we always have...
    a holiday of 2 weeks
    a two weeks holiday
    a two-week holiday

    Slide 24 - Quiz

    Here are some ........
    16-year-old adolescents
    adolescents of 16 years
    16 years old adolescents
    16 year olds adolescents.

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    This task is too hard. I can tell you beforehand that..
    I can impossibly do this
    I can't possibly do this.
    I can't possible do this
    I can impossible do this

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    He plays the piano [good] but this music sounds [awful].

    Slide 27 - Open question

    He shouted [angry] at me.

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    NOWIf you need more practice and/or explanation see the following slides to help you (after the evaluation).

    Now we are going to practice together... just 1 slide 
    Next, we will do some evaluation.

    And finally, you will continue on your own, consulting your notes if necessary. 
    I am curious how quickly you will get the hang of it.

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    Give me some SHORT feedback about this lesson and if it was useful for you.

    Slide 31 - Mind map

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