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Unit 3/4: lesson 7_2022
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Unit 3/4: lesson 7_2022

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- Does everybody have a working Test-Correct app?
- Questions about: the possessive adjectives + pronouns or who/whose/who's?
- Explain the possessive 's
- Take the possessive 's quiz
- Make homework
- Extra help/practice
- Enrichment

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Grammar Recap - possessive pronouns & adjectives

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Grammar Recap - Whose & who's
Remember that who’s is a contraction – it is short for who is or who has.
 Whose is used when something belongs to someone.
If who is or who has doesn’t fit in the sentence, then the word whose will probably be used.

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Possessive ‘s
Als je wilt zeggen dat iets van iemand is, gebruik je in het Engels de bezits-s ook wel apostrof ’s genoemd:
That is my friend’s book.  Dat is het boek van mijn vriend(in).
These are Vincent’s sisters.  Dit zijn Vincents zussen.
Are you Susan’s sister?  Ben jij de zus van Susan?
The dog’s tail  De staart van de hond.
My class’s teacher is nice.  De leraar van mijn klas is aardig.
The men’s toilet is disgusting.  Het toilet van de heren/het herentoilet is smerig.
These are the children's toys.

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Pay attention!
Bij meervoudsvormen die eindigen op een “s” schrijf je alleen een apostrof ‘.
My parents car  de auto van mijn ouders.
The girls coats  de jassen van de meisjes.

Bij namen die eindigen op een "s", mag je kiezen of je 's of alleen een ' gebruikt.
Charles’s parents & Charles' parents betekenen dus allebei de ouders van Charles en zijn beiden goed.

(Officieel krijgen klassieke of religieuze namen die eindigen op een s alleen een '. )
Sophocles' plays are still performed today.
Maar dit hoef je nog niet te weten :-)

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De volgende dia heeft een uitgebreidere / specifiekere uitleg. Lees hem even goed door. Mocht je er de kluts van kwijt raken, dan vergeet je hem gewoon weer en focus je je op mijn uitleg en het plaatje van dia 7. Voor nu is dat goed genoeg!

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Now let's practise!
Take the quiz on the next slides.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
1. Sarah is Emily... aunt.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
2. These are our friends... cats.
(de katten van onze vrienden)

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
3. Let's meet at Giovanni... for lunch.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
4. This is our boss... car.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
5. Where is the ladies... shower? .

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
6. My cousin... dad is my uncle.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
7. Did you read yesterday... newspaper?

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
8. Jack... and Joe... bags are black.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
9. Our grandparents live in an old people... home.

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Write down the possessive with ‘s or ‘.
10. That sandwich would not be to everyone... taste.

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Grammar Practice
You are going to practise with the grammar of unit 4 we have discussed so far. You may do so individually or together with your neighbour. I would like both of you to write down all answers. Either in a Word document or in a notebook (schrift).
When you are finished, take a picture or screen shot of your answers and upload them at the next slides in this lesson. These exercises are homework for Thursday if you are not able to finish them during this lesson.
Next lesson I will hand out the anwers.

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Upload your answers to exercise 1 here, please.

Slide 29 - Open question

Upload your answers to exercise 2 here, please.

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Upload your answers to exercise 3 here, please.

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Upload your answers to exercise 4 here, please.

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Upload your answers to exercise 5 here, please.

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- Finish this LessonUp lesson. Make sure you finish all the exercises in slides 26, 27 & 28.
- Study words 21-40 of the word list of Unit 4. (You can find the word list in Som at Thursday's homework)
- See next slides if you would like to practise some more with 's/' or if you have time for an enrichment assignment.

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Need extra information or practice?
If you are still having difficulties with 's/', read the information on  the next slide and practise some more.

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Time left? Make the enrichment assignment on the next page.

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Write a story about your family
Write me a story in which you tell me about your family. Tell me who they are, what their names are, some information about what they look like (describe their appearance=uiterlijk) and what you like about them (describe their personality). You may type this in the next slide or upload a picture of your story in the slide after the next slide.
Have fun!

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Type your family story here

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Or; hand in a picture of your story below:

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