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Benefits of Technology in the Elementary Classroom
By: Ms. Swavey 
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English3-5 Grade

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Benefits of Technology in the Elementary Classroom
By: Ms. Swavey 

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Can you find a picture of an electronic?

Slide 2 - Open question

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Technology in the classroom is a helpful tool for us. It allows us to talk to our peers when someone is out sick. It can help us find the right books for us to read. It can help us come up with new ideas to be creative in the classroom. Technology in the classroom can include an iPad, computer, laptop, or a smartboard. These are just a few examples of what we use in the classroom. Having an electronic with us in the classroom can help everyone learn better and improves our learning experience! 

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Communication with Technology 
Technology can be used to communicate when you are not able to be present in the classroom. We can send emails to one another in case someone has a question. Anyone can email me with any concerns or to ask for extra help. We can do group projects smoothly when someone is gone because they can do their part of the project from home. We can all get in touch with our classmates if we need some help outside of school. 

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Who uses google or safari when they have a question?

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Research Quickly 
Those questions that you want answered can be found all over the internet by using technology. We need to know how to use our electronics to get the right information. We can do research during our research hour and answer our questions. Students need to know how to properly use technology to find the most accurate answers. Books are amazing to use, but we can spend hours weeding through books when using an electronic device and pressing "search" provides us with instant results. However, do not think that we won't use the books at all!

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Future Preparation
Technology is not going anywhere. In fact, it just keeps advancing. There are so many useful tools we can use to further our education. Learning how to work technology so young will help us out in our future schooling years ahead of us! We need to learn where to find true information and how to work our electronics before we can start anywhere else.

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Technology will have some disadvantages to using it. One of the biggest issues with it is how it distracts you from the lesson. I know how much fun it is to play games or text your friends, but there is a time and a place for that. It will not be a good place to text your friends while I am trying to teach a lesson. 

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Now we know how we can use technology in the classroom. It can be used to talk to fellow classmates, conduct research, and prepares us for our future. It can be a distraction if we do not use it properly. It will benefit us overall using technology in our young classroom. Now, time to take some quizzes!

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What is NOT an electronic device we use in the classroom?

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What is one way technology benefits us in the classroom?
Research quickly
Pay for toys
Play games
Buy food

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Do you think it is helpful using an electronic device in the classroom?

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What is one drawback to using technology in the classroom?
Take notes
Distraction from the lesson
Studying tool
Email my teacher

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Thank you for completing your lesson!

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