H4 wk 3_2022_novels and dystopian and separate societies

Today's objectives

  • Dystopian Literature & Separate societies

  • Essay - what is it & example

  • Gather information on novels = TASK/HW

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Today's objectives

  • Dystopian Literature & Separate societies

  • Essay - what is it & example

  • Gather information on novels = TASK/HW

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Separate societies & Dystopian societies
Separate Societies
Societies with their own rules, separated from the rest of the world:
Religious communities (Oranges aren't the only fruit; The Chosen)
Separate rules and behaviour (Lord of the Flies; Ink; The Circle)

Dystopian societies 
Imaginary, dehumanizing societies, the government is in control & loss of individualism. 

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Utopia vs Dystopia
Utopia = the perfect place, in which you would like to live

Dystopia = an awful place, in which you don't want to live; 
it is an imagined society, dehumanizing, frightening

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Dystopian Novels
Never Let me Go
This Perfect Day
Hungergames (3x)
Divergent (3x)
The Maze runner (3x - The Maze Runner; The Scorch Trials; The Death Cure )
The Lord of the Flies

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Separate Society Novels
Religious communities: 
Oranges aren't the only Fruit (Religion and Control; Not fitting in)
The Chosen (Orthodox Jewish society)

Separate rules and codes of behaviour:
Lord of the Flies
The Circle

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Characteristics novels
 Separate societies & Dystopian societies

  • The main characters have never questioned the rules/leaders; are initially faithful members of their societies

  • Circumstances isolate the main characters & force them to think about the rules and their situation. Do they compromise or do they rebel?

  • Bit by bit they find out about the greater picture; information is scarce and very valuable

  • They make you critical of society. Are there laws or rules that make you uncomfortable? Do you rebel against authority?

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Characteristics of Dystopian Literature

  1. Government Control
  2. Environmental destruction
  3. Technological control
  4. Survival
  5. Loss of individualism

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Why Dystopian Literature?

1) To educate and warn about the dangers of today's society/politics
2) Usually disagrees with the author's view of how a society should be

(Sometimes a Satirical critique - criticizes the foolishness/corruption of an individual or society
by using humor, irony, exaggeration, ridicule)

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Utopias/Dystopias in the real world
  • The Amish in America (religious; banish all modern technology)
  • The Nazis (ideological; "pure" race)
  • Trump's America (fake news, the China virus etc.)
  • Putin's Russia (Navalny, people sent to penal colonies/exile if they criticize/disagree)

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Task 1 - Gather Info on novels

1) Main character(s): name, friends, enemies, situation (who does he fight /why does he fight)

2) Development of main character: how does he develop: what was he like at first, what happens and how does he change

3) Influences on the main character: who influences the main character + what is their relation to the main character

4) Main events: what are the main events in the novel

5) Dystopian elements or why is it a separate society

6) Setting: When and where does the story take place & why is this important  (dystopian or separate society)

7) Explain the title

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Formal essay - what is it & structure (lay-out)
An essay is a composition on one single subject, and gives  the author's opinion (=argumentative essay).

It has a common structure of 5 paragraphs: introduction, body (3 paragraphs/3 points), conclusion. 

A formal essay does not use personal pronouns (I, you, we), but uses the 3rd form: "The dystopian novel criticizes society"

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Essay: The Maze runner relates to real life
The Maze runner is a novel about a dystopian society because the inhabitants are there against their own will. They were placed in the maze by the creators, who survey them constantly. There are things outside the walls waiting to hurt them, and eventually they try to escape. WICKED has total control over Thomas and his friends. When trying to escape they see that the world  has been destroyed and is now totally controlled by WICKED.  The Maze runner is an example of a totalitarian society and definitely relates to real life.

First of all, the lives of all the inhabitants in the maze are controlled by the government.
 Give examples from the novel (WICKED). Give an example of a real life controlling government (i.e. Russia, China, etc.)

Second of all, the Maze runner shows how  Thomas and his friends are not allowed to have an individual life
Give examples from the novel (the Maze - they cannot escape; they need each other to escape, have to sacrifice individuals; even when they fall in love, they have to go with the group etc.)

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Essay: The Maze runner relates to real life
Last but not least,, the Maze Runner shows what the world looks like after a deadly disease.
Give examples from the novel and give examples from real life

In conclusion we can say that the Maze runner is about a dystopian society but definetely relates to real life. 
Repeat the 3 points (one sentence per point) and finish with one-two sentences how the Maze runner illustrates what could happen to today's world.

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Another example of an argumentative essay

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Essay writing

  • Use an essay lay-out: intro (1 paragraph) / body (3 paragraphs) / conclusion (1 paragraph)

  • Use formal language (not: gonna, wanna, way too much, etc)

  • Avoid the personal pronouns I/you/we

  • Use linking words (also, moreover, even though, nonetheless etc.) to logically connect paragraphs

  • Use examples from the novel

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Preparing your Essay Test Week
  • Reread the slides on dystopian literature/novels/separate societies (in studiewijzer)
  • Memorize the characteristics of a dystopian/separate society
  • Use the essay outline template (in studiewijzer) to write your essays in class
  • Make a list of the dystopian elements in your novel
  • Make a list of differences/similarities of your novel and real life
  • Make a list of the main characters and the main events in  your novel

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Essay outline

Intro: general info on storyline + thesis statement at the end of the introduction

Middle part: paragraphs 2/3/4 -> start with a linking word, each paragraph contains at least one argument and examples from the novel to support/prove the thesis statement

Conclusion: summarize the 3 arguments and repeat your thesis statement

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1) Make an essay outline (slide 6) for the thesis statement: 
"The main character develops as he/she fights for individual freedom" 
OR for
"The novel is about a dystopian (or separate) society"

2) Write down as much information on the novel as you can, using slide 7 

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Write an Essay on ONE of your novels
Write a 300-350 word essay on the dystopian society/separate society in your novel. Pick one of the following topics:

1) What is the author's message in the novel?
2) How does the society in your novel relate to the real world?

N.B. On the actual test you will write 400-450 words

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