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Do we always read in the same way?

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4 reading strategies
  • Predicting (Oriënterend lezen)
  • Skimming
  • Scanning
  • Intensive reading

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1. predicting: What will this be about?

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Predicting in a nutshell:

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2. skimming:
I want to see if this would be a fun park for me...

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3. Scanning:
I'm quickly searching for what I'm looking for!

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4. Intensive reading:
I really want to understand what this article is about!

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Skimming, Scannen, intensive reading:

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What will we read today:
We are going to read an article. First let's look at the title and the images (They will be shown on the next slides!)

Try to predict what the texts will be about.
You'll be asked to share your ideas in a minute!

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US election: Businesses brace for unrest
This is the title of the text

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What do you think this text will be about?

Slide 14 - Open question

1. Read the whole article.
2. Answer the questions.
3. For each question be aware: How did I read the text in order to answer the questions? (Skimming, Scanning, Intensive)
4. Difficult words? Guess the meaning before you look them up. Write down new words that you learned while reading this text.

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Was your prediction about the text accurate?

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Was it useful to make predictions beforehand? Why (not)?

Slide 17 - Open question

Which type of reading did you use the most, in order to answer the questions?
intensive reading

Slide 18 - Quiz

In one sentence, what's your opinion about what you've just read?

Slide 19 - Open question