M3 P4 W2 Lesson 3: Capitalization and punctuation

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mavo 3!

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What is wrong about this sentence?
where is your jacket from

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Capitalization & Punctuation
Why is this important?
Some students do not write any of these and miss a lot of points!
Let's make sure this isn't you in the test!

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Let's take a look the words in English that you write with a capital letter!

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First letter of a sentence always has a capital!
The girl is playing with her doll.  

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  • First letter of a sentence always has a capital! The girl is playing with her doll.  
  • The name of a person, place, object, organization.

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  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday etc. 
  • Months: January, February, March, April etc. 
  • Holidays: Christmas, Valentine's day etc. 

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The word I (van ik) is always written in capital letter!
I am going to the movies with me, myself and I.

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(UK)  /  period (U.S.)

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Full Stop ( period)
At the end of a statement – declarative sentence

My dog loves the postman.

To signal the end of a thought.
At the end of a command with mild forcefulness

Please leave the room.

I wish he were here.

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seeking information
signal the end of a thought
to express a lot of emotion
rhetorical question
at the end of a statement
a command
a sudden order

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Punctuation: Commas
  • Create a list
A burger, fries, salad and a milkshake. 

  • Break up a long sentence into smaller chunks.
When Josh saw the food, his stomach started to grumble.

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Let's do a quiz!

Go to                 

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You will receive a informal letter. 
Find the 23 mistakes.

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Assignment answers!

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