5.2 Arab empire expands

5.2 Arab empire expands
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5.2 Arab empire expands

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What are some of the similarities between Christianity and Islam?

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What are some of the differences between Christianity and Islam?

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Arab empire
  • Bedouins: Nomadic tribes. 
  • Loads of traders (merchants).
The empire:
  • Very divided & multiple wars.
  • Tradesmanship was blooming.

How did the empire unite?

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  • 570 AD: birth Muhammad (Mecca)
  • He received revelations from God.
  • This became the Holy Quran.
  • He was a prophet: messenger from God.
  • 622: From Mecca to Medina: Hijrah (start Islamic Calander).
  • Muslim community: the Ummah.

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5 pillars of Islam
  1. Shahada (faith): only one God -> Allah
  2. Salah (prayer): 5 times a day, direction: Mecca.
  3. Zakat (almsgiving): giving money.
  4. Sawm (fasting): fasting during the month Ramadan.
  5. Hajj (pilgrimage): to Mecca.
Link: 5 pillars of Islam

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  • Successor of Muhammad
  • Political and religious leader of the Ummah.
  • He had the task to keep the tribes united.
  • He focused the jihad on people outside of the borders.
  • He was able to create an enormous Islamic empire.

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Questions 5.2

1. Explain what lifestyle the Bedouins had in the early Middle Ages.
2. Explain why there were many merchants and craftsmen in Arabia in the early Middle Ages.
3. Explain what a prophet is.
4. Explain how Muhammad became a prophet AND explain what his message was.
5. Explain at what moment the Islamic calendar begins and why this moment was chosen.

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Questions 5.2

6. Explain how Muhammad made sure that people fought for him and Islam. Use the word jihad in your answer.
7. Explain why the Caliphs after Muhammad focussed on getting new territories.
8. Explain how the Muslims treated the Jews and Christians. Also explain why they had a different treatment.
9. Explain how Christians and Jews were treated differently than Muslims under Arab occupation.

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Questions 5.3

  1. Explain why Willibrord was important to the Christian religion. Use the words: convert heathens – missionary – Frisians
  2. Explain in detail how missionaries tried to convert heathens.
  3. Explain how the Church tried to make sure that the converted heathens remained good Christians.

Answer these questions and add them to your binder!

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