Theme 2 week 50 prepositions

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Planning for today
Discussing the plans and goals 
5 minutes
Explanation grammar 
10 minutes
Socrative irregular verbs 
5 minutes
Working for yourself 
15 minutes 
5 minutes
Homework: finish E writing + grammar (29b, 30a, 30b, 31) study irregular verbs catergory 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Goal: After this lesson you know how to use prepositions of place and time

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Prepositions zijn voorzetsels. 

Wie weet wat voorzetsels zijn?

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Prepositions of time and place
Right! Voorzetsels noemen we ook wel de 'kast woorden'.

We gaan het nu hebben over de voorzetsels die te maken hebben met wanneer of waar iets gebeurt ('time and place')

In het Nederlands hebben we bijvoorbeeld sinds en tot

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Prepositions of time
- WHEN something happens
'on': dagen en datums/data
I have a game on Saturday.
In: maanden, jaren, seizoenen en specifieke delen van de dag
I woke up in the afternoon.
At: tijden en feestdagen
I saw my aunt at Christmas.

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Prepositions of place
- Geeft aan waar iets gebeurd
On: openbaar vervoer en iets ligt ergens bovenop
My phone is on the table.
In: plekken in de natuur, landen en als iets ergens in is
He took photos in the cathedral.
At: specifeke locaties, huisnummers en (namen van) gebouwen
I am at the station.

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prepositions of time and place
Now practise!
Choose between in, at, on

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My birthday is ____ January.

Slide 9 - Open question

I will go on holiday _______ three days.

Slide 10 - Open question

My mother has red lipstick _____ her lips.

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I will meet them there __ 9 o'clock.

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Socrative irregular verbs 
Student login
Roomname: WIERSMA4983
Use only small letters!! 

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Work for yourself
  1. Finish E Grammar and writing (29, 30a, 30b, 31)
  2. Study irregular verbs category 1 up to 10
  3. Be prepared for another Socrative!
  4. Read an Englisch book/ article (Nu Actueel, week 45)  

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  • Finish E Grammar and writing (29, 30a, 30b, 31)
  • Study irregular verbs category 1 - 10
  • study theme words + watching  

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Planning for today
Discussing the plans and goals 
5 minutes
Explanation personal letter (recap) 
10 minutes
Quizlett theme words 
5 minutes
Working for yourself 
15 minutes 
5 minutes
Homework: finish F Listening + hand in personal letter 2 + study irregular verbs catergory 1 - 12 + study theme words 
Goal: After this lesson you know better how to write a personal letter in English and what you have to pay attention to (own mistakes) 

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recap personal letter 
  • How about the adresses? 
  • What is a good opening line? 
  • How many  paragraphs? 
  • What is a good closing line? 

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Burg. Elzenweg 8
2245 HP Naaldwijk
The Netherlands

Rachel Collins
12 Barking road
45JV33 London
Great Britain

13th of May 2013

Dear Rachel,

Alinea 1

Alinea 2

Alinea 3

I hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

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Writing assignment 2
Write a letter to a penpal in America. The holidays are coming up and American habits are different than ours. 

You are going to write a letter telling about Christmas in the Netherlands ands asking about an American Christmas

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Write a letter of half an A4 long. 
Tell your penpal about Christmas traditions you have
Share your plans for the Christmas break 
Ask about American Christmas
Share what you expect of an American Christmas
Write in English

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Pay attention
Use the feedback you got on your previous letter!!

In general: 
Conventies (adressen, datum etc)
Hoofdletters: namen, begin zin
afsluitende zin 

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  • Hand in Personal letter Christmas in inlevermap teams
  • Finish F listening
  • Study irregular verbs 1-14
  • Study theme words  

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Tuesday 21st December
Test vocabulary
Theme words and watching
Is part of test in testweek!!

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