H3 U3 L2 future forms and auxiliary verbs

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H3C: rquxo

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Lesson 2: Future + can/could

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Lesson objectives
  • You can apply the future tenses will and going to in sentences.
  • You can explain the difference in the use of the future tenses.

- Homework check: vocabulary exercises on Lesson 2 (12 u/i 14)
- Grammar Note:  Future tenses + can/could if necessary
- Do: Grammar Excc. 15, 16, 17

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Homework check

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What do you hope for your grade
of the reading test?
Write a sentence!

Slide 5 - Mind map

What is your plan for the weekend?
Write a sentence!

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Grammar Note:
Future Tenses

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Will/shall + be going to

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0a. will/shall + infinitive
  • Predictions, voorspellingen(without proof): I think they will win the game.
  • Promises, beloftes: I will always love you.
  • Offers, aanbiedingen (in questions: shall+I/we): I'll help you carry your bags.
  • Decisions/announcements, besluiten/aankondigingen:
    The Summer Olympics will take place in August 2021.

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0b. be going to
                                           to be (am, is, are) + going to + infinitive
to describe an intention, om een intentie, idee te beschrijven
Im going to keep a diary
• to talk about a future plan, plan voor de toekomst
We are both going to study in the USA next summer.
to make a prediction about the future based on something we can SEE in the present (evidence). voorspelling + bewijs
Look at those clouds. Its going to rain.

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1. We ........ watch a film tonight.
're going to
am going to
is going to

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2. Your brother _______ study in America next year.
is going to

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3. I think they ______ help us.
isn't going to
aren't going to

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4. You ..... probably ..... first prize.
will ... win
are ... going to win
will ... won
are ... going to won

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                 Will/shall + infinitive

- Predictions without evidence, 
- Spontaneous decisions.
- Promises
- Offers

We will give it back tomorrow.
Mum thinks it will rain, I'm not sure though.
I think I will go to the cinema!
              To be going to + infinitive

-Predictions with evidence
-future plans

We agreed that we are going to go to the cinema.
Look at those dark clouds! I think it is going to rain.

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5. Please write a POSITIVE sentence using the auxiliary verb (hulpwerkwoord) 'can'.
Use at least 7 words!

Slide 16 - Open question

6. Write a question using both 'can' and 'could', use at least 7 words again.

Slide 17 - Open question

This enough for you for today?
Work on excc. 15, 16, 17 in your workbook
Choose whether you want to do 19 OR 21 and 
HAND IT IN via mail: ewesterduin@depopulier.nl!
Want more future and Lessonup now? Raise your hand :).

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Future Pt. 2
Present Continuous  (future purposes)
Future Continuous 

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7a. Present Continuous
                                     to be (am, is , are) + verb + ing

  • future events that are fixed, planned or definitely decided
I am visiting my grandparents tomorrow.
Next month we are emigrating to Australia.

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7b. Future Continuous
                                          will + be + verb + -ing

  • events of a longer duration at a particular time in the future

Lucy will be working for her dad next year.
He won't be competing in the Summer Olympics.

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8. He _______ (study) English for the next five years.
is going to study
will be studying
is studying
will be study

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9. Charlie ________ (leave) for London tomorrow.
is leaving
will be leaving
was leaving
shall be leaving

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10. I ________ (visit) my parents every weekend.

am visiting
aren't visiting
will be visiting
won't be visiting

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11. I ________ (meet) my friends in the park in an hour.
am meeting
will be meeting
is meeting
won't be meeting

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     Present Continuous
        to be + verb + -ing

  • Future events that are fixed, planned, definitely decided

I am meeting my friends at the park in an hour.

       Future Continuous
       will + be + verb + -ing

  • Longer events at a particular time in the future.

Joey won't be competing in the championship this month.

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