GC2 3. Lesson 2 - Prejudice and discrimination LGBHTQ+

Prejudice and discrimination on LGBTQ+
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Prejudice and discrimination on LGBTQ+

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1. Understand those pre-judging LGBT people is a form of prejudice equivalent to all other types of prejudice.
2. have an increased knowledge in the types of discrimination which LGBT people experience
3. understand how discrimination affects LGBT people and the damage that it causes

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What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination?

Slide 3 - Open question

What are these people like? Think of character traits. On your own, 1 minute.

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On your own
Where did you get this viewpoint from?
1 minute, on your own

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Exercise, as a class
Share your ideas with the rest of the class

Write down what traits you have come up with as a group.
3 minutes

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1. What types of traits did you come up with?
2. Did you know that all of the pictures show famous Gay and Lesbian people?
3. Are these traits common to all Gay and Lesbian people? Eg. Do all lesbians dress in  a manly (butch) way? Do all gays dress fashionably?
4. Can you think of any more traits that people apply to LGBT people?
5. Are all these statements true? If not, why are they commonly said? Are they dangerous in any way?

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Discrimination and LGBHTQ+
In pairs
Spend 10 minutes looking up types of discrimination experienced by LGBT people, both in the Netherlands and worldwide.
For example: 
Globally - Over 7 countries apply the death penalty if you are gay
NL - Same-sex marriage was illegal until the 1st of April 2001

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What did you come up with?
Include your names in the title. 
(next slide the word web to fill in your answers)

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discrimination and LGHTQ

Slide 11 - Mind map

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