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Unit 1: lesson 4
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Unit 1: lesson 4

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  • What did we do yesterday? 
  • Practice speaking

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Today's lesson goals
- After today you will know
1. how to talk to someone about your school

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What did we do last time? 
Practiced listening again, while watching a video!
Remember what is important? 
1. Read the questions before the exercise start
2. Prepare your brain for the words you will hear
3. Be quiet
4. Be focused

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Let's do some work
Make exercise 41 on page 32 of book.
Exercise 42 on page 33: you need to find
youtube videos yourself for this one! Put in your headphones or let your phonesound be very soft.

You have 10 minutes!

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Speaking exercises
You are going to talk in English to each other, about schools.

First: read about Stevenson school.
Book page 36

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Now you!
Work together with your neighbour

Read the text "New school, new classmates" on page 37
One person is Noah, the other plays Pete.

Let's go!

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Now you!
Make exercise 49 on page 38.
THen check with your neighbour if you have the same answers.

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Last speaking exercise
Work together in exercise 51 on page 38
Take turns: first person points at a picture. Other person says the English word for it! Have fun!

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Exercise 50 on page 38
Exercise 52 on page 39: read the grammar 
box on To Be

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