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EngelsMiddelbare schoolhavo, vwoLeerjaar 2

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Homework check 
Recap: vocabulary - irregular verbs exercise. 

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Do: 58,59,60 p. 80-81
Study the Irregular Verbs 1-60 
Done? Search the meaning of Narrator, Setting, Stanza and bring a poem to class next week! 

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Learning objective
I can read and interpret a poem and understand some literary terms. 
I can recognize tenses used in grammar (present simple, past simple, present perfect, present continuous) in the poem and explain why a certain tense is used. 

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Study the Literary terms on p.230

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Search for: Poetry, Rhyme, Simile and Imagery. 

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Work in groups of 4
- find the subject (me, I) and describe him (her).
-explain the setting 
-why isn't he (she) not sad going back to school? 
-search the Literary terms in the poems and discuss them

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What is the Imagery in the poem?

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What is the Simily in the poem?

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What is the Rhyme in the poem?

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Focus on Form
-underline the verbs.
-find out which tense it has.

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Focus on Form
Which verbs did you find? 
Hold up your Whiteboards: 
Teacher elicits irregular verbs from the students

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What have you learned today? 
Discuss and rate the class. 
Use the White Boards. 

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