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§6.3 Applying the Theorem
Learning goal today:
How to apply (= toepassen) Pythagoras' theorem.
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§6.3 Applying the Theorem
Learning goal today:
How to apply (= toepassen) Pythagoras' theorem.

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Today it's time for some practice!
Isn't every Maths lesson rather practical?
True, but now we use situations from daily life.

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§6.3 Applying the theorem
skip 16 and 23
Whose theorem?
See next slide!

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Let's look at a practical situation.
Somebody wants to know a certain length:

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This sketch is illustrative but should be more abstract (as we will soon see!):

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To calculate lengths in a right-angled triangle with the Theorem of Pythagoras we need
2 basic things:
a. a SKETCH and  
Watch the following slide, offering us a fine Method!

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So, in §6.3 ....
You are not given the right-angled triangles any more,
but you can easily:
+  make your own sketch of a right-angled triangle and
+  make the corresponding scheme, and finally
+  calculate the missing length !
+ a joke first!

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Let's do exercise 16a, p.208  now.
Open your Notebook and MAKE a SKETCH. See below.       

FOTOVRAAG:   Make the SKETCH, take a pic and send it in!

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Slide 13 - Open question

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Now calculate the distance!
Make the SCHEME that belongs to the SKETCH!
With that scheme calculate the distance. 

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Rounding off the answer tells us more:
133 metres is the length of the diagonal.

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A few tips for a few exercises!

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What could the Sketch for 20 look like?
Make this Sketch in your Notebook now!

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Like this:

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Now 22, with a few difficult words:

1. What is a 'cylindrical barrel'?
2. What is the 'diameter' of a circle?

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answer 1. Here are 2 cylindrical barrels:

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answer 2: the diameter of a circle:

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When doing 22...

Think back of this information,
making a good 
+  SKETCH and 
+  SCHEME, to
+  calculate the answer!

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Homework time again.
You may skip 16 and 23.
Good luck rounding off §6.3!

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