circulatory system - 2 - blood circulation

Blood circulation 
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Blood circulation 
par 2

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The heart
-The heart is a double pump

-left side pumps oxygen rich 
  blood into the systemic 
-right side pumps oxygen poor
  blood into the pulmonary 

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-Red blood indicates blood 
  with a lot of oxygen
-Blue blood indicates blood 
  with a lot of carbondioxide
-(notice the way the blue blood
   goes: from your body 
   towards the heart)

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Pulmonary circulation
From the heart to the lungs

Systemic circulation
From the heart to every part of your body

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Pulmonary circulation

To the lungs to pick up oxygen and drop of carbondioxide

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Systemic circulation

To every part of your body to drop of oxygen and nutrients and pick up carbondioxide and other waste products

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Coronary circulation

Blood circulation of the heart
-Arteries: towards the heart
-Veins: away from the heart 

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b2: circulation
-Systemic circulation:
-brings oxygen and nutrients to body cells.
-Takes away waste products from body cells.
-Oxygen-rich blood is bright red, flows through left side.

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b2: circulation
Humans have a double circulatory system: blood flows through heart 2 per lap/circuit.

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b2: circulation
-Pulmonary circulation:
-Takes in oxygen from the lungs.
-Releases CO2 to lungs to breathe out.
-Oxygen-poor blood is dark red, flows through the right side of the heart.

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A double circulatory system is more efficient for taking in oxygen. Explain why only birds and mammals have this system.

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Humans do have a so called 'double circulatory system'. What does that mean?

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study par 3,2
do ex 8 & 9

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