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A monster calls
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A monster calls

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Conor O´Malley

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Complete the following
Conour is ________ years old, lives with ____________, experiences __________at school, is visited by a ____________at night, (does/doesn´t)___________ tell to anyone about the monster, he is / is not _______ scared of the monster. 

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As you progress with your reading... 
You may make use of post-its to write down a significant description (quote) that refers to Conor. This way, you are able to form a clear picture of Conor´s development and be able to justify with quotes. You will also be able to understand his character better, as you will dig deeper into his dilemma. 

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Conour ´s mother 
Flat, round, dynamic, static? 
Characteristics: sick? hopeful? Absent? 

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Conor´s father 
Flat, round, etc
Absent, cheerful...? 

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Conor´s grandma 
Flat, round, dynamic..?
Involved, absent?

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School environment 
Friends and foes (enemies) ... does Conor have any friends? who are his friends? and who are his enemies? what does he say about them?

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The monster 
What or Who is the monster? (use quotes to justify) 
What colour ?
What kind of character? 
What does it signify? 

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Assignment 3.
Fill in the character worksheets and justify with at least 2 quotes for Conor and the monster and 1 quote of the other characters. Send form to

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