Earth & space
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Earth & space

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What is the universe?

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What is the Milky Way?
The Milky Way is the galaxy we live in. It is made up of all the stars you can see in the sky at night, and lots more you cannot see.

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How many stars are there? 1,000 billion

What are stars made of? Gases hydrogen and helium

Why do stars twinkle? 

Are stars star-shaped? 

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The Sun
How hot is the Sun?

How big is the Sun?

How much fuel does the Sun use?

Will the Sun ever go out?

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How many planets are there?
My very educated mother just served us noodles.

What other bodies orbit around the Sun?

What is the difference between planets and stars?

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The Earth

Why is Earth so special?

Why does the Sun go out at night?

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Which is the hottest planet?

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Which is the red planet?

Why is it red?

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Which is the biggest planet?

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Which planet is furthest from the Sun?

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Which planet is tipped over?

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