Romeo and Juliet 2

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the Balcony scene
After the party Romeo climbs the wall of the orchard and hides there in the hope to catch a glimpse of Juliet.
Suddenly Juliet appears on the balcony.

watch the video
read along on page 51 of your reader
underline well known quotes, e.g. line 1/2, 23/24, 33/34,  66/67

note: in the video some lines are skipped

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compare with the next scene:

balcony scene, again some lines are left out but try and read along.
line 10, It is my lady...................
as far as line 36, Shall I hear more....?

Give an example of unusual allegory, which in Shakespeare's time would be considered as a great and original find but which in 2020 is weird.
Why is there so much allegory?

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line 34, Deny thy father and refuse thy name
as far as line 78,  Than death......

underline  striking quotes

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how does this scene end?
read and find out, concentrate on second column, page 52
What does Juliet ask Romeo? And what do they agree on?
How does the audience usually know that it is the end of a scene?
What is blank verse?

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Watch the end of this scene and read along
starting at line 141

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