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Chapter 4 the Middle Ages
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Chapter 4 the Middle Ages

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End of the Roman Empire
Europe is in ruins.
No more central power in Rome.
Trade disappears.
Most cities disappear.

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A system wich was used to rule the land. 

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the fasted way to go from a to b was with a horse. 

On average the could do 12 km per hour. 

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How many day's would it take to get from Roosendaal to madrid, a distance of 1560km?

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In your own words, explain the feudal system?

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Write in your notebook or in Word
Writing = Remembering

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What was Feudalism?
Feudalism: a system where the king divides his land to keep his kingdom under control.
The king gives land (a fief) to an imporant noble (a vassal). 
The vassal has to swear loyalty and promise military service. 
Land is wealth and power. 

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Why was feudalism needed?
King Charlemagne of the Franks had a big empire, too big to rule by himself. 
There was little trade, little money and Charlemagne had a hard time paying soldiers.
Charlemagne decided to give land to his nobles so they would supply him with soldiers. Win-win!

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Read 4.1 running the Empire
Read 4.2 everything. 
For both paragraphs, make a list of 10 difficult words plus explanantion in your notebook. 

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