BS 4 - The theory of evolution

Theory of Evolution
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Theory of Evolution

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What do you know about the theory of evolution already?

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Natural selection
  • The process through which populations of living organisms adapt and change.
  • Not all individuals have an equal chance of survival
  • Healthy and strong individuals have the greatest chance of staying alive and having offspring
  • Ex. giraffe

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Peppered moths
  • Prior to 1800 these moths had a light pattern, dark pattern was very uncommon - collectors item
  • During the industrial revolution (1820-1840), soot darkened tree trunks and killed off lichen
  • Light moths eventually became rare and the dark moths multiplied quickly. Why/How?

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Speciation - How new species arise
Two ways of formation
1.  Variation within a species
      a. Variation - different genotypes and phenotypes
      b. Species can then respond to environmental variation
2. Isolation
     a. When one species becomes separated and isolated from each other
     b. example: river, mountains, ice, desert or a sea
     c. Over time organisms become more different and can no longer             reproduce

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