Improving Reflection

Improving our Reflection
by Sacha Dijkshoorn
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Improving our Reflection
by Sacha Dijkshoorn

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This session:
1. Review of Current Reflection Standards
2. Natural vs Structured Reflecting
3. Let's S.T.A.R.R.T reflecting!

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"Practitioners often practise at less than effective levels, because they follow routine.  "
 - Argyris et al. (1985) 

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"Furthermore, their actual practice does not necessarily coincide with their ‘better knowledge’ or espoused theories about good practice."
- Argyris et al. (1985)

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"You may not even be aware of this divergence."
- Kim et al. (1999)

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"Through questioning and probing, practitioners can
engage in self-dialogue 
in order to clarify claims embedded in their actions, 
bringing forth the hidden meanings that systematically result 
in selforiented actions or ineffective habits."
- Kim et al (1999)

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Our reflections - a Review

Please note, I have not taken any specific reflections from any teachers. Instead, I have looked at a large number of reflections and looked at trends. 

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Our Reflections - A Review
“I have entered this class and the students were all focused on the class.”

“I had to carry forward two lessons.”

“Students are able to achieve the learning goals of the class. They need to continue training at home.”

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What information is missing in these reflections?

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Our Reflections - A Review
"Students can read well and answer the questions."
"Most students can understand this part well and can cite it with basic words."
"Students can understand the meaning of the presented words but there are still students who do not understand the whole text.”

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How could we improve upon the previous reflection. What information needs to be added?

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What makes a good reflection?

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What makes a Good Reflection?

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Natural vs Structured Reflecting

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Natural Reflection
  • A problem arises, an action is taken, a result is achieved 
  • We react to the situation
  • Influenced by the emotion of the experience 
  • This is a mostly automatic subconscious process 
  • Evaluative, not Reflective
  • May not transfer to future action

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Structured Reflection
  • Requires attentive thought
  • Less emotion involved
  • Analyses the situation objectively and precisely
  • Able to self-review and self-criticise
  • Leads to improvement, even if never looked back at

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Let's S.T.A.R.R.T.
STARRT guides our reflection process: 
  • Situation 
  • Task 
  • Action 
  • Result 
  • Reflection 
  • Transfer 

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Analyse the Situation of the Event
  • What happened? 
  • Who were involved? 
  • Where did the event take place?  
  • What was the issue about? 
  • Be Specific! 

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Describe what you wanted or needed to accomplish
  • What was your task? 
  • What was your responsibility? 
  • What was expected? 
  • What was your plan? 

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Describe the action you took.
  •  What did you actually do? 
  • What was your approach? 
  • Which considerations did you make at that time? 
  • What did you think? What did you feel? What did you see? 
  • What was your part of the action? 

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Describe the result of your action
  • What was the students’ reaction? 
  • What effect did the result have on you? 
  • How did it affect the classroom atmosphere? 
  • How did it affect the teaching process? 
  • Were you able to continue your work? 

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Look back on the incident
  • Did you achieve your desired result? 
  • Did you learn anything? 
  • Are you satisfied with the outcome?  

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Would you take the same action again?
  • What would you do the same?
  • What would you do different?
  • What needs to change? 

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Thank you 

For your attention.

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Any Questions on Reflecting?

Slide 25 - Open question