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Welcome to the Netherlands
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Welcome to the Netherlands

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  1. The Gehaktballen: Fiene, Julia, Eva & Roos
  2. The Klompen: Nassim, Swen & Jalal Din
  3. Kaas: Esmay, Joris, Luuk & Thomas

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No Dutch please, we're British!
This is an English language work shop and so we speak English only. If you don't know a word in English, just ask the teacher or say the Dutch word. You always need to try and speak English. That way your English will improve.

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House rules
  1. Raise your hand if you want to speak or have a question.
  2. Listen to each other. Be quiet when someone else is talking.
  3. Be kind and don't laugh at others for trying.
  4. No gaming/social media unless the teacher says so. 
  5. Orange slide is explainer, Blue slide is a question.

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This is a workshop about Dutch culture and by the end you will:
  • know what Dutch language is;
  • know what typical Dutch food is

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Where does the Dutch language come from?

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Dutch is the language that is most closely related to the English language.

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Dutch is a French language.

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Describe what happened during the football match. (in English of course)

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Don't worry they, they kissed and made up.

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Do you think it's hard for foreigners to learn Dutch? Why or why not?

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Can you name some countries where they speak Dutch?

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Dutch people use a lot of expressions (uitdrukkingen). Write down some you know >>in Dutch, not English<<.

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What do you think this English expression means?

Through thick and thin.

Eating too much.
You're having a good day.
You're having a bad day.
You stay loyal no matter what happens.

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What do you think this English expression means?

Once in a blue moon.
Something that happens a lot.
Something is as blue as the moon.
Something that doesn't happen very often.
When you're not feeling happy.

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What do you think this English expression means?

Take it with a pinch of salt.
There's too much salt in your food.
Don't take it too seriously.
You're late again for an appointment.
There's no pepper in your food.

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What do you think this English expression means?

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
Be grateful for what you get.
Never take your horse to the dentist.
You smell like a horse.
You need to go to the dentist.

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Do all Dutch people sound the same?
To a foreigner it all may sound the same, but the Dutch language has many accents and dialects. 
Try to find a map of all the different dialects and include this in your poster,

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So what did you think of this first workshop?

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