Mission 5 - III

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Road map 
Your imperatives from songs!

Mission 5: Grammar theory

Mission 5: do assignments 

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Multiples: pp. 283, 284

Study the words

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Much:  niet- telbare zelfstandige naamwoorden

Many: telbare zelfstandige naamwoorden

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When I was six years old I broke my leg.
Which words are nouns?
I, old
when, years
when, leg
years, leg

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I was running from my brother and his friends.
Recognise the nouns.
running, brother
brother, friends
running, friends
I, his

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'I tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down'
What are the nouns in this sentence?
No capital letters, separate your words by a comma

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'I found my heart and broke it here'
What are the nouns in this sentence?

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I on my way driving at ninety down those country lanes.
way, down , country
way, ninety, lanes
way, country lanes
way, down, ninety, country lanes

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Countable nouns:
  • can get the indefinite article 'a'
  • singular and plural - one goose, two geese
  •  thus: they can be counted!
  • often something tangible and concrete

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Uncountable nouns:
  • cannot get the indefinite article 'a'
  • no (direct) plural form 
  •  thus: they cannot be counted!
  • material /abstract nouns
E.g. Water needs a glass!

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ex. 7 and 8

Ready?  Do ex. 9 - Phrases

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Lesson goals
At the end of this class you indicate that you understand the theory of the multiples as discussed in class. 

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Real or fake?
Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, accidentally fractured celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey's left tibia in a charity celebrity football match live on ITV. The pair were taking part in the match to raise money for the charity Soccer Aid when Johnson slid in to tackle Ramsey. After missing the ball entirely the mayor clattered into Ramsey, who had to be taken to hospital after receiving treatment on the pitch for five minutes. 


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Mission 5

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