TT03 Punnet Squares: blood types, lethal alleles and dihybrid cross

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Exercise 1:
Sarah has blood type AB and has a child with Tom, who has blood type O. What is the chance that their firstborn has the same blood type as one of the parents?

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Exercise 2:
James has blood type O. What blood types can the parents have?

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Exercise 3:
Two crested canaries have a nest with chicks. What is the chance that the chicks have a crest (=kuif) as well?

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Exercise 4
Mr Wolbers his brother has blue eyes and is colour blind. His wife is heterozygous for brown eyes and carries the allele for colour blindness. (but can see colours).What is the chance that their son Vince has blue eyes and is colour blind?

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Exercise 5
A white rabbit mates with a grey rabbit. All the baby rabbits (F1) are brown. Two siblings have sex together. What is the chance that their offspring (F2) are white?

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