Tips for the oral exams 4M

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Do you know what to expect for your speaking exam?
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4M P1
Do you know what to expect for your speaking exam?

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Oral Examination 4M 2022
  • 20 minutes English only!
  •  a) personal introduction  OR reading aloud from B1 text provided by your teacher max. 2 minutes per candidate.
  • b) describing Cambridge pictures  3 minutes per candidate.
  • Discussion about one of the three short stories:
    Lamb to the slaughter/Lottery/Harrison Bergeron, 3 minutes per candidate.

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The oral examination will start with a short introduction. 
Tell me about yourself.
What do you like to do in your spare time? What do you do for fun? What are your plans for this summer and next year?
Which education/school are you going to do next year?

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You will be asked to read aloud for 3 minutes. You should practice reading  texts aloud, as you will not know which one you will be asked to read. Look up any words you don’t know and work on pronunciation, articulation, and intonation. Keep in mind that because you are not able to prepare this part of the test well in advance, you are expected to practise this extensively.

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1. Focus on the main part of the picture at the beginning. Look at this picture. What can you see?
2. Describe as much as you can.
3. Try to use your imagination to make assumptions. What do I think of the picture?  
4. Remember; descibe, compare, contrast, react!

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c) CONVERSATION - literature 
The final part of the oral examination consists of a convo with your partner. Prepare your statements well, remember, this is a real conversation not a presentation. You may also be asked questions!

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Good Luck with your preparations 

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