Lesson 31 - Story elements

Lesson 31 Who, what, where?
  1. My Christmas break
  2. "Who, what, where"... in a rap
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Lesson 31 Who, what, where?
  1. My Christmas break
  2. "Who, what, where"... in a rap

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Happy new year
  • What did I do during the Christmas break?
  • Now tell your classmates what you did during the break.
  • Breakout rooms of 4 people.
  • Afterward, tell me what the other 3 people did.

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Rapping to tell a story
  • Download the handout on Magister.
  • A storyteller will use rap to tell a story.
  •  A boy on an island who meets pirates.
  • Look at exercise 1.
  • Write down character details. What is the boy's name? What is he like? What does he like and dislike? etc...

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The character: Who?
  • Go to exercise 2.
  • Write the boy's name in the middle square.
  • In the other 4 squares, write a character detail you hear in the ap.

  • Example: Coco loves the beach.

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Write down one of the details you heard

Slide 6 - Mind map

The plot: What?
  • Now focus on the story.
  • Look at exercise 3.
  • What happens at the beginning of the story?
  • What happens in the middle of the story?
  • What happens at the end of the story?
  • Try to include details.

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Rap story element chart
  • Use the information you used in exercise 3.
  • Finish filling in the table in exercise 1.
  • Check if you put your name and the date on top.
  • Put it in your English 1 portfolio.

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