The Yellow Wallpaper

Where is the narrator in the beginning of the story and why is she there?
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Where is the narrator in the beginning of the story and why is she there?

Slide 1 - Open question

What is the tone in this short story?

Slide 2 - Mind map

Why is writing so important for the narrator and why must she keep her writing a secret?

Slide 3 - Open question

Why becomes the narrator so obsessed with the yellow wallpaper?

Slide 4 - Open question

Describe how the wallpaper's symbolism develops throughout the story.

Slide 5 - Open question

Why is the wallpaper yellow?
Because John likes this color
When it is overused, it may have a disturbing effect
It is ironic
Because it is summer, so there is a lot of sun

Slide 6 - Quiz

Why is July fourth so important?

Slide 7 - Open question

Why does John believe the narrator’s health is improving?

Slide 8 - Open question

What are the main themes?

Slide 9 - Mind map

Why does the narrator identify herself with the woman?
To make clear why she lives the way she lives
To understand herself and her desires
She misses a female in her life
She wants to know how to escape from her circumstances

Slide 10 - Quiz

- Childhood is a motif in this story. How does childhood relate to the narrators relationship with her husband?

Slide 11 - Open question

How does "The Yellow Wallpaper" present the conflict between creativity and rationality?

Slide 12 - Open question

What happens to the narrator after the story ends?

Slide 13 - Open question

Why is the narrator reliable or unreliable?
Reliable: she writes it by herself and nobody else read it (so no influence from the outside)
Unreliable: the rest cure does not work very well
Reliable: John does not care about her
Unreliable: She is in a psychosis, so is not able to think clearly

Slide 14 - Quiz

How is the husband described?

Slide 15 - Open question

What is the position in the narrators marrage?

Slide 16 - Open question

How is the house discribed?

Slide 17 - Open question

At which point do you start to question the narrator’s state of mind?
The wallpaper came from the wall to touch the narrator
She saw more then one person in the wallpaper
When the paper tried to drag her in
When she was confi- nsed the paper knew what influence it had

Slide 18 - Quiz

Who is Jennie and why is she living at the estate?

Slide 19 - Open question

Which details in the journal indicate that her hallucinations grow increasingly strange?

Slide 20 - Open question

What is the suposed name of the narrator?


Slide 21 - Quiz

Why does the narrator sees herself and Jane as a different person?

Slide 22 - Open question