Unit 4 Lesson 1

Unit 4
Mind and body
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Unit 4
Mind and body

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4A: Perfect people
Reading comprehension
Read the text Gattaca and do exercise 2 (p. 43)

Verbs and nouns with the same form 
Do exercise 4  (p. 42)
Noun suffixes -ness, -ity, -ion
Do exercises 5 + 6 (p. 44)

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3D: Frankenstein
Think about the qualities that make us human. 
Look at the list from exercise 1 and choose the 3 most important ones. Give reasons for your choices. Then read extracts A and B and decide which qualities Dr Frankenstein has. 

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Read the extract "Volume 1 - Chapter 4" on p. 49 and watch the clip. Would you like to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Give reasons.


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4D Frankenstein
Reading comprehension
Do exercise 2 (p.  48)

Word analysis
Do exercise 3 (p. 48)

This is homework for Thursday. Upload your answers to Classroom (before the start of the lesson).

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Creative writing - Option 1
Write a  short scary story (a paragraph). Finish the sentence from Frankenstein:
It was on a dreary night in .... when ....
The rain fell dismally against the window panes, when by the failing light, I saw....

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Creative writing - Option 2
Write the extract from Frankenstein from the monster's perspective. Hoes does he describe his creator? How does he feel? What does he decide to do? Use the vocabulary we've discussed.

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An idiom is a group of words which form an expression. The meaning is different from the literal meanings of the individual words. Which ones are about happiness and which about sadness?

on cloud nine
down in the dumps
feel blue
over the moon
feel on top of the world
feel down in the mouth

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3C: Face value
Phrases with body parts
Do exercise 4 (p.46)

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exercise (p. 46)

Choose one of the two activities:
Option 1:
Choose two phrases. Write two sentences using these idioms. Upload them to Padlet (write your name!):
Option 2: 
Write a short WhatsApp dialogue between two friends using at least 3 idioms. Upload to Classroom.


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Idioms in films!
Watch the clip. Choose two idioms from the video and write them down. Look up the meaning of the idiom.

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