It takes a beast

It takes a beast
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It takes a beast

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Lesson goals
what read a text about Mr Beast
why practice reading skills

what answer questions about the text
why reading comprehension and vocabulary work

what watch a video about Mr Beast's charity
why practice listening skills

what write a review on his video
why practice writing skills

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What you know about Mr Beast?

Slide 3 - Mind map

Before we read...
Read the statements in ex. C.a 
We are going to watch a video
Which statements are true or false?

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Before we read
Scan the text

Find the answers to ex. D

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Read the text

Make ex. F

Do compound nouns exist in French?

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Look in the text for the answers to G

Don' t forget to mark the lines where you found your answers

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Write a short review on MrBeast. Use ex. I to guide you

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How was this lesson?

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Any questions?

Slide 10 - Mind map