Extra: Prepositions of time (voorzetsels van tijd)

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This week's goals:
- I understand grammar 1: prepositions (of time)
- I can use them correctly in an English sentence. 

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- voorzetsels van tijd
- voorzetsels van plaats

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Bij maanden, jaartallen, seizoenen en dagdelen.

Handball practice starts in October.
They won an award in 1999.
The sun shines in summer.

Kim eats cornflakes in the morning.

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in - LET OP!

Het voorzetsel 'in' gebruik je bij dagdelen, maar niet bij het dagdeel 'nacht'.

in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening

** at night **

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Gebruik je bij dagen en data.

They got married on September 2nd.

Karen plays football on Wednesdays.

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Gebruik je bij tijdsaanduidingen (tijdstippen).

The concert starts at 9 o'clock.

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Bij deze uitdrukkingen gebruik je altijd 'at'.

I have hockey practice at the weekend.

We always eat turkey at Christmas.

They finished the test at the same time.

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The cat usually sleeps ___ night.

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My birthday is ____ May.

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Steven always plays football ___ the afternoon.

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We have a big test ____ Friday.

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I go to Maastricht ____ October
We always spend our holidays ___ my grandparents'  house
My sister loves to eat icecream _____ the summer
Harry Styles will pick me up for a date ____ 5 o'clock
My mother swims _________ Sundays
Do you like to eat cake ________ your birthday?

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