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At LessonUp, we believe teachers are at the heart of education. Teachers inspire, motivate and lead students. 

Our mission is to empower all teachers worldwide to reach and engage their students and helping teachers create powerful learning moments. 

That's why we've made the best teaching tool for teachers to create their own interactive lessons or reuse content created by the LessonUp community. Any lesson can be used real-time, student-paced, in-classroom or remote. 

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LessonUp: The Complete How-To Guide
Welcome to the go-to guide for a seamless onboarding experience for you and your staff, and more importantly, welcome to the LessonUp community! 🚀
If at any point you come up against any issues, need something clarifying, or just want a quick practical demonstration 🤔 - don't hesitate to reach out to me at thomas@lessonup.com and I will be more than happy to assist you! 🙌🏻The point of this form is to comprehensively cover all of the basic actions our users should understand by the time they begin to use LessonUp in their classroom. If there are any sections you are already confident in, please feel free to skip forward to the sections you wish to advance further in. ✅When adding images to our interactive slides, ensure you read the 'how to edit images in LessonUp' walkthrough, as it explains how to make these images fullscreen while your students are completing their tasks. 🖼️We will start by looking at how to create and format basic informative slides, such as the ones you are already used to creating with the presentation software of your choice...
Adding a powerpoint to lessonup.
Start a new lesson and click the '+ add' button.Select the 'add powerpoint' option from the menu on the upper right hand side.Click the 'upload' button at the top of the next menu and find the powerpoint file you wish to upload to LessonUp.Once uploaded, select the file from the bottom menu to upload it to this particular lesson.Select the slides you would like to upload individually, or simply select the 'select all' button to upload the entire presentation.
Slide creation using a preset layout.
Add a new slide and click the 'slide' option.Select 'create my own'.Click the 'layout' button and select a layout appropriate for the content of your slide. (i.e. is it a title page? Information dissemination? A full-screen image?). Insert text into the text boxes and change the formatting (size and style).Click on the image space (denoted by the image icon).Either, upload an image from your device, search for one on LessonUp, or use the internet search feature to select an appropriate picture.Click on the 'colour' option, and select from one of the preset colours, or add your own using the blank spaces, to change the background and text colour. Please note - if you have selected an image for use as the background, it is recommended you select white as your colour palette.Click on the '+ component' button, and add a component that can enhance your slide (i.e. a timer. spinner or traffic light).
LessonUp in the ClassroomLessonUp in the Classroom