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Learning Technique: What if?

What if?
What would you do in these scenarios?
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This method promotes critical thinking and self-reflection as students are asked what they would do in hypothetical scenarios. You can ask students to work in groups or on their own and review as a group later. Here's how the learning technique works:

  • Drag the image to a quadrant and ask what would happen and why in this hypothetical scenario?
  • Students can provide other "What if?" examples to then be able to repeat step one.

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What if?
What would you do in these scenarios?

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Do something
Positive outcomes
Negative outcomes

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First, get the students to say who they see in the picture. This is President Zelensky of Ukraine. What options does he have as the President?

Then, with the students, think of and discuss different scenarios, including their consequences, by moving the picture to the different quadrants.

Although students can think for themselves what 'doing something' and 'doing nothing' means, you as the teacher can provide some scenarios to help the discussion.