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Connecting the Dots - First World War

Connecting the Dots
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In this short game, the students match numbers on two different images. Then, they take turns describing what they see in each image, earning 1 point for each correct description. Finally, they try to explain the connection between the two images for 2 points. The points are kept in a traditional manner, and the game ends when the students believe that all the connections have been made.

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Connecting the Dots

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Place the numbers on two different images. Tell what you see in the pictures. Then explain the relationship between both images

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Enkele Amsterdamse vrouwen zagen dat er een schip vol aardappelen in een van de grachten lag. Ze gingen erop af en plunderden het schip: hun schorten vol aardappelen. De dag erna waren er meer plunderaars. Pas nadat zes mensen door het leger werden doodgeschoten, keerde de rust terug

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