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Year 6-7 Transition

Lesson plan with 6 Lessons
Year 6 to Year 7 Transition: Scheme of Work
Introduction:This set of six lessons has been designed to support Year Six pupils as they begin to think about their move to Secondary Education. The content has been designed to support both pastoral care (with a focus on wellbeing and positive mental health) and some of the more practical matters that affect this group (timetabling, walking to schoolnetc). The slides are fully adaptable, so can easily be changed to suit your school's unique context. The lessons link directly to the PSHE Association's Programme of Study for KS1-5 and can compliment your existing PSHE programme, as well as the transition resources provided by your feeder secondaries.Important note for teachers: Some of the slides require you to insert an image or example specific to your specific school or trust - this is to allow your pupils to have real practical examples applicable to them, hopefully making the transition process more seamless. For example, a timetable for lesson 3.
Lesson 1
'All About Me'
Lesson 2
'Worries, Worries, Worries'We look at how children can manage some of the big feelings that they have around change in this session. Children will write a message to their future self, as well as learn some calming techniques to use when things are feeling tricky.This lesson links to the PSHE Association programme of study (KS1-5):H15. that mental health, just like physical health, is part of daily life; the importance of taking care of mental healthH16. about strategies and behaviours that support mental health — including how good quality sleep, physical exercise/time outdoors, being involved in community groups, doing things for others, clubs, and activities, hobbies and spending time with family and friends can support mental health and wellbeingH24. problem-solving strategies for dealing with emotions, challenges and change, including the transition to new schools
Lesson 3
'Being Independent'This session looks specifically at some of the routines that are expected of a Year Seven pupil and how children can help themselves to get ready. We also take a look at school uniform.This lesson links to the PSHE Association programme of study (KS1-5):H41. strategies for keeping safe in the local environment or unfamiliar places (rail, water, road) and firework safety; safe use of digital devices when out and about
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