LessonUp Academy

Welcome to the lessonup academy 🎓

The LessonUp Academy is a place where you can learn more about working with LessonUp. Additionally, we also cover topics that you encounter daily in education. These include student motivation, lesson design, differentiation, and formative assessment.

The LessonUp Academy is divided into 3 levels. You can start at any level:


New to LessonUp?
Welcome! We recommend starting at the 'Beginner' level to learn more about the platform before diving deeper. You can choose which topics you want to cover and set your own pace.
Already familiar with LessonUp?
Great to see your enthusiasm for learning more! If you already have a grasp of the basics of LessonUp, we recommend starting at the 'Intermediate' level and selecting the topics that you want to dive into.

At this level, you will learn what LessonUp is, how it works, and create your first interactive lesson in LessonUp. Additionally, you will learn about the key basic functionalities, including the use of interactive elements, finding and using (others') teaching materials, various teaching methods, and tracking student progress.
If you have already created and delivered lessons in LessonUp, you can consider yourself an expert. At this level, we will help you create even more engaging lessons than you already do. We will cover topics such as classroom management, digital assessments, and differentiation. Expand your expertise in LessonUp and take your lessons to the next level with these advanced topics.
At the Expert level, we assume that you have already used all the functionalities of LessonUp. We will explore engaging learning techniques and the use of gamification in your lessons through examples and step-by-step explanations for you to apply them yourself. We will also cover topics such as formative assessment and maintaining a student portfolio. Deepen your knowledge and skills in LessonUp with these advanced topics to create even more dynamic and interactive learning experiences.