Welcome to Sea Shepherd’s online learning environment. Here you will find information about Sea Shepherd and the work we are doing to defend the ocean ecosystem.

Through this channel we hope to provide you with an insight into the work of our dedicated volunteers, taking direct action around the world to protect marine wildlife. You can find out about Sea Shepherd’s mission, our ships, where we are currently working on campaigns and some of the wonderful achievements that have occurred over our 40 plus year history. Importantly find out how you can become part of the movement and take action For The Ocean.

We have available a range of free teaching materials and activities for primary and secondary school students. These include lessons on illegal fishing, whaling, shark poaching, turtle poaching and ocean pollution, along with real life case studies from Sea Shepherd campaigns around the world. More lessons will become available on different marine species in the coming months.

For teachers we have a kit of materials, including presentations, teacher’s guides and activities to enhance learning.

For our next generation of ocean warriors we also have some fun and educational activities to do. To join in just visit Ocean Activities. We also love to hear what our junior ocean warriors have been learning and creating, so feel free to share your updates or photos of your artworks with us.

For more information or assistance with lessons we can be contacted via education@seashepherdglobal.org

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