Week 36 V6A William Blake

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What do you remember from previous lesson(s) on the Romantics?

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1: I can compare the two "The Chimney Sweeper" poems

Today you need: your laptop, JDW map and a pen. 

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1798 - 1837

neoclassical period - Romantic period - Victorian period

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William Blake
apprentice in engraver shop
against monarchy, sympathised with French Revolution
Imagination more important than reason
deeply religious, but against oppressive authority church
not successful and received mixed feedback

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cyclical nature of life
with God
Child with subconscious remembrance of life with God
corruption by society

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Songs of Innocence 
Songs of experience

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The Chimney Sweeper I & II

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Reading Questions 

1. What do you think the coffins of black are in the first poem "The Chimney Sweeper"? 
2. What is the difference in tone between the two poems? 
3. How do you see elements of the Romantics reflected throughout the two poems? Mention at least 3. 

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What do you take away from today's lesson?

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