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Blake: chimney- sweep

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Blake: chimney- sweep

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this period
voc: 102- 117
luistertoets: 27 januari 2021
literature: test week ( 18. January)

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lesson goals 
Blake's Chimney Sweep  poems: 
identify typically Romantic characteristics in the poems
analyse the form and function
understand the difference between the two poems 

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Explain why this is a typically romantic poem. Give at least one reason.

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Explain the social circumstances of the boy and his father. What evidence cna you find in the poem?

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so your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.

What is emphasised with the word 'your' in this line?

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what is the basic difference between the first and last three stanzas?

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What is the effect of the repetition of the word 'weep'in line 3?
It sounds like a song
it emphasises the distress
it is a metaphor
it rhymes with sleep

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chimney-sweeper part 2

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compare the two poems - how is the language/form/style different

Slide 10 - Open question

what is different about the parents in the poems?

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they clothd me in clothes of death
who are 'they'? What have they done?

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Comment upon the different role of god in the two poems

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vocabulary: 102

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Next week
Monday: listening +stepping stones+ vocabulary
Tuesday : Jane Austen ( literature)
Friday: examentraining/  literature

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