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3.4 The tropical climate
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3.4 The tropical climate

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What are we going to do today?
The tropics
Tropical climates and landscapes
Convectional rainfall

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What does latitude mean?

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What does latitude mean?

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What is the difference between the Windward and the Leeward side?
The Leeward side is the right side of a mountain
The Leeward side is the left side of a mountain
There is plenty of rain at the Windward side
The Windward side will receive hardly anything of rain

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The tropics

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Tropical climate and landscape 

is characterised by a very high temperature and little difference between the coolest and warmest month.
f: rainforest
w: savanna, wet
s: Savanna, dry
m: monsoon

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Climate graph for Bandung, Indonesia (Af).
Climate graph for Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Aw).

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 The savannah landscape in Tanzania.
(Aw or As)
Tropical rainforest in Australia.

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Monsoon climate = Climate zone with high temperatures and a specific dry period and also very high precipitation events during the wet season.

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Convectional rainfall
A large amount of solar radiation in the tropics lead to convectional rainfall.

How it is formed:
  1. Energy from the sun heats up the land and the air above;
  2. A high rate of evaporation;
  3. The warm and wet air rises and cool down;
  4. Clouds are formed and rain will fall.

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