Town Project

Town Project
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American Sign Language10th Grade

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Town Project

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  • You and your team will receive a town building (based on vocab)
  • You will be using construction paper to build your building (make sure your building is detailed, decorated, and colorful). 
  • Once your building is built you will present it in ASL. You will sign what building it is, the address, and where it is located using claw 5.

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Here are examples:

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How will I create my building?
On the back table:
-Copies of the buildings/stencils you will trace on your construction paper 📝 
-Colored pencils ✏️ and markers 
-Scissors ✂️ 
- tape 

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Small buildings

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Larger Buildings

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What does my building need to have?
1. It needs to be 3D using the stencils provided
2. Sign on the front of the building stating what it is (ex. CAFE)
3. The address number on the building
4. Doors, windows (possibly people, etc in windows), building needs to be detailed similar to the examples
5. Think back to the activity we did together what do people do there

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Dividing the work
-Make sure you all contribute the same amount of time to this project
-Remember it is not fair if one person does the entire thing 
-You are being graded individually 
-Work with your team members strengths (are you better at designing, are you a great artist, do you like building things)
-You will turn in a paper stating who is doing what component and a form on fairness
-Everyone in your team will present

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1. Our building looks similar to a building in a town or city
2. We have included doors, windows, business sign 
3. We have the building number on the front of the building (we will name the streets as a class)

4. We included people or things that you would see in a business using the vocabulary that we have learned 
5. Our building is 3D
6. We have a script of what we are signing addressing: the building in ASL (cafe, zoo, post office), the address, where it is located using CL: 5 Claw,  what people do or why they go there 
7. Everyone in our group is signing

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convenience store
fire station
gas station
grocery store
Drug Store
Police Station

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