Week 3

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To Do:

  • Planning Term 2
  • Workshop Conversations
  • Work on your Language Portfolio

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Planning Term 2
Week 50: Work on your Portfolio + Workshop Reading
Week 51: Christmas Activity
Week 2: Work on your Portfolio + Workshop Speaking
Week 3: Work on your Portfolio + Workshop Conversations
Week 4: Work on your Portfolio + Workshop Writing
Week 5: Progress Review

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Fluency in a language means speaking easily, reasonably quickly and without having to stop and pause a lot.

Don’t worry too much about making mistakes (= accuracy). The important thing is to communicate what you want to say.

How can you improve your fluency?

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After this week's lesson you have practised how to:

  • express your agreement or disagreement politely
    (Spoken interaction A2)
  • express your ideas and intentions accurately in a conversation.
    (Spoken interaction B1)
  • add comments to a discussion, expressing your opinion. (Spoken interaction B2)
  • support your opinion with reasons and examples.

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Express your opinion
I  (really) think…
I (truly) believe…
I  (strongly) feel…
In my opinion…
I would say…
From my point of view…
From my perspective…
In my view… 
It seems to me that…

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Asking for opinions
What do you think of…?
What are your thoughts on…?
How do you feel about…? 
What’s your opinion on…?


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  • Work in groups of four; read the first statement togehter.
  • Decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree with the statement.
  • Write down reasons and arguments to support your opinion about the statement.
  • Share your opinion within your group and discuss the statement together.

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  1. Video games contribute to youth violence in today's society.
  2. Every child in the Netherlands should be vaccinated.
  3. The legal driving age in the Netherlands should be 21.
  4. The death penalty should be reinstated in the Netherlands.
  5. The government has the right to monitor phone calls and e-mails.

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Language Portfolio
  • Dossier: collect or create content you can use to show that you've reached your learning targets.

Spoken interaction A2: express my agreement or disagreement politely
Spoken interaction B1: express my ideas and intentions accurately in a conversation.
Spoken interaction B2: add comments to a discussion, expressing my opinion.

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Next Week:
Workshop Conversations
Work on Portfolio

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