The Night Diary July 20th - July 29th

July 20th-29th
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This lesson contains 32 slides, with interactive quizzes and text slides.

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July 20th-29th

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July 20th-29th

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Comprehension questions
The story so far

Irregular verbs test check

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At the end of the lesson you...

Will understand and be able to come up with examples of similies

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Comprehension questions

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Group work
Look at your answer to the 'sequence chart'on page 13

In groups of 4

Decide on the 6 most important moments so far

Be ready to discuss the reason why...

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Take note!

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Nisha was as quiet as  ............................. 

Kazi was kind like ..............................

Now come up with two of your own sentences for Dadi and papa.
Begin by thinking of their character traits!

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Read 23rd-27th of July

Come up with 3 questions on the text for classmates

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Irregular verbs test
Common mistakes

Spelling mistakes -0.5 points
Beowulf text (not eat/not drink) = didn't eat/ didn't drink
Other small mistakes with the form of the verb

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July 20th-29th

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Class quiz!

Nisha/Amil letter assignment

Peer feedback

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Today's lesson will be a success when I can write a letter using similies.

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Follow the instructions
Make groups of 4 - give yourself a team name!

Choose 1 question from each person

Write your questions down

Give them to the teacher

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The quiz
Get a blank piece of paper

Write down your quiz answers

Lets see who will win...

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What should a letter include?

Slide 18 - Mind map

Letter componants (parts) 
Letter paragraphs (introduction, main, conclusion)

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Letter assignment
Imagine you are Nisha or Amil
You are going to write a letter to papa
In this letter you explain how you are feeling
Use vocabulary words from the book

Go to B1H English Team/bestanden/letter planning

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  1. Open the worksheets in teams
  2. Do the brainstorm
  3. Answer all of the parts of the letter from page 2
  4. Check your spelling
  5. Finished? Read the checklist - have you included everything?
Steps to take

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Marking rubric

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Which feedback was the most helpful?

Slide 23 - Mind map

Read 28th, 29th and 30th of July

Use a dictionary to complete the crossword puzzle

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July 20th-29th

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Adverbs recap
Caviar words
Cinquain poem

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Today's lesson will be a success when I can write a cinquain poem using adverbs

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Check your knowledge
Complete the assignment C on page 20

Come up with 4 sentences using an adverb

Underline the adverb

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Caviar words
Which are the most boring words in English?

Which are the most beautiful words you know in English?

Beautiful, descriptive words are sometimes called 'Caviar words' Why? 

What is Caviar?

Now try the assignment on page 20

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Turn to page 21
What is a cinquain poem?

Use adverbs, adjectives and caviar words to create your own about Nisha and Amil

Why? To practice new vocabulary and describing people.

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Read 31st of July and 1st and 2nd of August

Use a dictionary to complete the crossword puzzle p15

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